Workshop description: Adult teaching and learning principles

Anthony DeMatteo, Cambridge College, USA

Recent studies in higher education have revealed that the population of adult learners, a group loosely defined as being 25 years of age or older has grown to encompass nearly 40% of the student population across the United States. Cambridge College has succeeded in meeting the educational needs of this student population through our innovative teaching/learning model principles. These principles have four components: (1) Ways of Learning; (2) Ways of Teaching; (3) Conditions of Learning; and (4) Outcomes of Learning. Cambridge College’s Mission “to provide academically excellent, time efficient and cost-effective higher education” has several key elements:

· Diversity
· Accessibility
· Respect for adult learners
· Individualized student focus
· Linking theory and focus
· Acceptance of prior learning and experience
· Peer support/collaborative learning
· Community orientation

The distinctive teaching/learning model allows the uniqueness, capabilities, and experiences of students to be affirmed and incorporated into the classroom by blending academic theory, research and current information with personal values, knowledge, and practice.

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