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Prof. Prakash Lonkar

Techmode approach for distance learning courses

Prof. Prakash Lonkar
Maharashtra Animal and Fishery Sciences Universith, Seminary Hills, Nagpur, 440 006, India

Dr. Ajit Maru
F.A.O., Rome

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     Last modified: October 14, 2006
     Presentation date: 10/31/2006 2:15 PM in NT Manchester
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Veterinarians, appointed in field, rarely get the opportunity to update their knowledge and skills, through trainings or courses, due to their working conditions. Looking to this need, the courses on Post Mortem Techniques and Diagnosis of Parasitic Diseases in Livestock were developed, based on the Need Assessment survey. The courses were developed on interactive CD ROM with audio, video clips, photographs along with some reading material. The courses were of one credit each and had minimum one face-to-face session. The response by the veterinarians was tremendous and around 210 veterinarians offered the courses by paying fees. Participants and stakeholders expressed the need for additional courses and accordingly two more courses on surgical techniques in large and small animals were launched which also received good response.

Experiences, prospects and problems of the work are discussed.

(Key words: ODL, Necropsy, veterinarians, parasitic diseases diagnosis)

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