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Srini De Zoysa

A study of the factors influencing the educational achievement of the institutionalized children in Sri Lanka

Srini De Zoysa
Secondary and Tertiary Education, Faculty of Education, The Open University of Sri Lanka.

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     Last modified: October 15, 2006
     Presentation date: 11/02/2006 2:30 PM in ST Windsor A
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An Study of the Factors Influencing the Educational Achievement of Institutionalized Children in Sri Lanka – Srini De Zoysa, Faculty of Education, Open University of Sri Lanka
The study focuses on disadvantaged children who are being compelled to spend their childhood in Children’s Voluntary Homes . These children are socially and economically deprived and have faced a variety of problematic experiences in their lives. Education represents perhaps the only promise for a better future for these children.

The main objective of the study is to identify the factors influencing educational achievement of institutionalized children. Documentary surveys, interviews, observations, check lists, Emotional and Behavioural Scales and the Socio-Metric method were used for data collection.

The study showed that the educational standards achieved by institutionalized children are relatively low. Multiple interrelated factors, both facilitating and hindering, which influence educational achievement of institutionalized children were identified.

It was suggested that Care services should be based on a clear philosophy, so that administrators, care and teaching staff could make a commitment to support education of these children. Care services should include the provision of sufficient physical infrastructure facilities, introduction of efficient management structures, supply of effective joint training being to carers and teachers, make intensive interactions to give priority to education, administrators, care staff and the teaching staff to make corporate commitment to promote education of the institutionalized children.

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