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Zellynne Jennings

From the Pomeroon to Portland: The challenges of training teachers by distance in contrasting contexts in the English -speaking Caribbean.

Zellynne Jennings
University of the West Indies

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     Last modified: August 1, 2006
     Presentation date: 11/01/2006 11:45 AM in ST Windsor B
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This paper draws on experiences in training primary and secondary school teachers in two contrasting contexts in the English-speaking Caribbean. Its focus is on two programmes (i) the B. Ed in secondary education in Jamaica – a specially funded project to train some 3,000 teachers from upgraded high schools by distance and on-line over a 10 year period and (ii) a new initial teacher training programme delivered by the Cyril Potter College of Education in Guyana which uses a print based distance delivery mode .Drawing on a recent evaluation of the latter, the paper compares the challenges of training teachers in the vast remote underdeveloped areas of Guyana with those faced by teachers in Jamaica who are exposed to more sophisticated technology and physical and human resources. The main questions that this paper addresses centre around the extent to which these programmes have met the objectives of distance education, especially those pertaining to flexibility, expansion of educational opportunities and provision for quality education.

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