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Jan Jacobus Nitschke

The Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Science Education: the Case of the Namibian College of Open Learning

Jan Jacobus Nitschke
Namibian College of Open Learning

presented by Irving Charles Williams

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     Last modified: September 25, 2006
     Presentation date: 11/02/2006 11:45 AM in ST Windsor A
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The buzzword in communication today is technology. It becomes more relevant where distance, especially long distances apply.

In the case of Open and Distance Learning Institutions, technological development is crucial to ensure sustainability, oppose competition and manage threats. However, in the developing world, the financial implications of technological development become a serious challenge in endeavours to keep abreast of latest technology, but more so to innovate and lead technological development. Although it can be cost-saving when applied correctly, these technologies are very costly to acquire. Good collaboration among ODL institutions and the sharing of resources might be a viable option to address some of these financial challenges.

Namibia has three Government-subsidized ODL institutions, and a few privately owned institutions. Since our population is relatively small, there is not a big local market for ODL. This situation increases the risk of investments in technological development. This research intends to find out what the challenges of these institutions are and how best to address these challenges in the Namibian context.

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