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Annmarie Kormawa

Reaping the power of partnerships for mainstreaming HIV/AIDS issues in Sub-Saharan Africa Agriculture and Rural Development

Annmarie Kormawa
Africa Rice Center (WARDA)

Kanayo Nwanze
Africa Rice Center (WARDA)

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     Last modified: October 15, 2006
     Presentation date: 11/02/2006 2:30 PM in NT Portland B
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Agriculture is the major source of livelihood for more than 80% of rural population in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Typically, most of the rural communities have poor access to information, agricultural inputs, health and education services. Consequently, poverty, and HIV/AIDS are predominant and undermining development. As regards HIV/AIDS, over 2.3 million Africans died as a result of the pandemic or related diseases in 2004. It is estimated that, over 25 million people in SSA are presently living with the virus.
Efforts to combat the spread and socio-economic consequences of HIV/AIDS have, until recently been spearheaded mainly by the health sector. For example, most governments in the region responded by improving access to anti-retroviral drugs, without considering the availability of food and nutritional status of beneficiaries. Given the role agriculture plays in rural livelihoods, mainstreaming HIV/AIDS issues in agricultural research and development provides greater opportunities for mitigating the spread and socio-economic effects of the pandemic in SSA.
This paper highlights the role, opportunities and challenges for international agricultural research and development institutions for mainstreaming HIV/AIDS issues in agriculture. Also, it illustrates how a network of strategic partners was formed to develop and promote actions to mitigate the effects of HIV/AIDS in SSA.

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