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Elizabeth Walker

Health Sciences E- Education: Teaching Virtual Anatomy Labs

Elizabeth Walker
Neurobiology and Anatomy, West Virginia University

Barbara Kraszpulska
Neurobiology and Anatomy, West Virginia University

Edwin Allen
Neurobiology and Anatomy, West Virginia University

Aurelio Gomes
Division of Infectious Diseases

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     Last modified: October 22, 2006
     Presentation date: 11/02/2006 4:15 PM in NT Manchester
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West Virginia University (WVU), located in a rural mountainous state in the USA, extends health education to students, laymen, and health providers. Our department teaches anatomy and provides lab access to nursing, dental hygiene, pharmacy, medical and dental students, physical and occupational therapy, emergency medicine, orthopedics, and other clinical departments.
Because of growth of the university, the traditional classroom and lab have become very large with less opportunity for students to have a laboratory experience designed specifically for them. To address this problem, we are developing Virtual Anatomy Lab courses targeted for specific groups of students. Our first asynchronously delivered Virtual Anatomy Lab: Limbs and Back is designed for athletic trainers, physical and occupational therapy. These resources are shared with institutions like the newly formed International Medical School (, a world-wide virtual medical school. West Virginia University has a great interest in participating in programs where open technology-mediated learning can overcome poverty and build a more stable and prosperous world. Our plan is that WVU anatomy courses and virtual labs will be part of universal medical and health education.

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