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Janet Rangou

Women academics have the potential to contribute to the Millennium Development Goals in Nation building through Open and Distance Learning in Papua New Guinea.

Janet Rangou
University of Papua New Guinea

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     Last modified: September 8, 2006
     Presentation date: 10/31/2006 2:15 PM in NT Portland A
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Distance education in Papua New Guinea (PNG) is fast becoming the new trend which addresses accessibility and equity for the majority of potential students throughout the nation who are unable to attend on campus classes. Education for all and participation of women is echoed everywhere in government and private educational institutions. UPNG Women academics are often the silent achievers in their own rights thriving amongst the dominance of their male counterparts. PNG’s National Constitution calls for equal participation by all. The University of Papua New Guinea also has in place its Gender equity policy which calls for the recognition and participation of women. How can women academics at Higher Educational Institutions contribute more to distance education for nation building in PNG?

This paper aims at investigating how women academics can participate to nation building as course designers, writers, mentors, counsellors and Distance Education facilitators in PNG. An analysis of the current percentage of Women academics who are already involved in Distance Education will be presented along with motivators versus hinderances as well as the benefits for being part of UPNG’s distance education mission in PNG.

UPNG women academics are able to create conditions for innovative changes. They can share in UPNG’s vision for Distance Education and are valuable contributors as well as resources to this evolving nature of Distance Education in Papua New Guinea.

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