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John Dada

Informal ODL in resource poor setting, case study from rural Nigeria

John Dada
Fantsuam Foundation

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     Last modified: October 16, 2006
     Presentation date: 11/02/2006 2:30 PM in ST Windsor B
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Fantsuam Foundation’s microfinance bank and associated commercial services is the essential basis for the sustainable development of social and educational services. All social and educational systems have to be paid for, and in countries where they are free at the point of delivery, they are paid for through national and local taxation, which in turn is dependant on income generated through the commercial sector. The Fantsuam Foundation approach has been developing this model on a local level, in that its microfinance activities have been subsidizing social services and education/training initiatives. As Fantsuam Foundation develops new microfinance products and services it will be able to support additional social and educational initiatives, which in turn will increase the commercial strength of the community, in a sustainable and increasing virtuous circle of development. This paper presents Fantsuam’s experience in promoting formal and informal education at various levels using a combination of strategies.

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