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Kim Mallalieu

Meeting development needs through online learning: the MRP (Telecommunications) experience

Kim Mallalieu
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of the West Indies

Pamela Collins
MRP Programme, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of the West Indies

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     Last modified: August 24, 2006
     Presentation date: 11/01/2006 10:00 AM in ST Windsor A
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The Master's degree in Regulation and Policy (Telecommunications) programme was initiated in response to the articulated need of stakeholders for capacity building in the telecommunications sector in the Caribbean. This programme, the first online graduate programme of The University of the West Indies, was aimed primarily at participants from the Caribbean region, and over the two years of its delivery has attracted students from thirty developing countries.

Fostering the MRP online international community of telecommunications professionals has provided opportunities to develop good practice in the areas of online teaching and learning, as well as the design and implementation of administrative procedures appropriate for online learning support. This presentation will review the challenges and successes of this innovative programme, highlighting lessons drawn from the MRP (Telecommunications) experience that may help to guide future online learning initiatives in the Caribbean.

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