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Krishnapratap Bhagwantrao Powar

Developing-World Perspective on Cross Border Higher Education

Krishnapratap Bhagwantrao Powar
Edupro Foundation

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     Last modified: October 16, 2006
     Presentation date: 10/31/2006 4:00 PM in NT Portland A
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The developing regions of the world acknowledge the fact that cross-border higher education (CBHE) in its traditional form, has played an important role in building the essential capacities required for their developmental activities. However, the CBHE operating in the present GATS-controlled regime is viewed with apprehension.

In most developing countries there is broad acceptance that CBHE can provide them the much-needed quality education in professional disciplines and emerging specializations; and to an extent address, in some countries, the problem of access. At the same time there is concern that CBHE, with emphasis on economic gain, can have a deleterious effect on indigenous higher education systems, encourage a new form of elitism and its operation may not be in consonance with national policies and national interests. This has caused many developing countries to introduce regulations to control, restrict or monitor their activities of foreign providers.

The approach of the developing countries to CBHE, as a trade in services, is one of caution. They would like controlled activities that preclude economic exploitation. Significantly, some developing countries are themselves making efforts to venture out.

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