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Jessica N. Aguti

Education for national development: The Makerere University dual mode experience

Jessica N. Aguti
Department of Distance Education, Makerere University, Uganda

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     Last modified: October 25, 2006
     Presentation date: 11/03/2006 10:00 AM in NT Portland A
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Makerere University is the oldest university in Uganda. Since it started in 1922 as a technical school, Makerere has continued to educate people for national and regional development. However, in the last few decades state funding has decreased although there are more people desiring to join the university. To cope with this challenge, Makerere has adopted a number of strategies including evening and external programmes.

In 1991, to meet the increasing demand for education and to provide the much needed human resource, the External Degree Programme (EDP) was launched with two degree programmes Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Commerce. Since then the EDP has grown and now includes a Bachelor of Science and a Diploma in Youth Work and Development. The student numbers have also grown from the initial 246 that enroled to nearly 6,000.

The EDP has benefited because of Makerere’s dual mode status. The programme has been able to utilise existing staff, resources and other capacities for its growth and development. However, because Makerere was set up to provide internal programmes, the systems and structures have not always enhanced full exploitation of the advantages that dual institutions offer distance education programmes.

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