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Lystra Sampson-Ovid

Open school…opening doors to education for all

Lystra Sampson-Ovid
Ministry of Education, Trinidad and Tobago

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     Last modified: October 22, 2006
     Presentation date: 11/02/2006 10:00 AM in ST Windsor A
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The Government of Trinidad and Tobago has committed to the reform and modernisation of the education sector. Currently, nationals have access to universal primary and secondary education, no fewer than 17 social and training intervention programmes and plans are being implemented to ensure universal access to early childhood education.

An Open School system will not only support what goes on in conventional schools, but will also provide unrestricted access to schooling for those who may have missed out at an earlier stage. If Education for All really is to be a reality in this twin island state, it can only be achieved if new/flexible arrangements are put in place to respond to those who want a second chance or in some instances even the first chance to complete some stage/level of education.

OS Trinidad and Tobago as such will provide training to acquire new skills and update proficiencies, opportunities for using leisure time creatively, and for developing competencies and confidence to live in a technology oriented world. This unique system will serve as a focal point catering to literacy, basic education, bridging courses, vocational studies; catering to the multiplicity of learning needs from basic education to include post-secondary, non-tertiary programmes.

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