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Md. Parves Sultan

Bangladesh Open University: An Evaluation

Md. Parves Sultan
Bangladesh Open University

Koichi Miyoshi
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

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     Last modified: October 20, 2006
     Presentation date: 11/02/2006 10:00 AM in NT Portland A
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Distance education in Bangladesh started since 1956 with a distribution of 200 radio receivers. Open and distance learning (ODL) get institutional status through establishing the Bangladesh Open University (BOU) and it receives the autonomous status by the parliamentary act, 1992. About 80% of the total fund was a loan from ADB, for this project. After ten years of the project, the ADB conducts an ex-post evaluation, in 2002. We find some inconsistency in this evaluation report, especially in defining the components of the logic model and in the evaluation criteria. The main purpose of this study is to develop the logic model and evaluate the ex-post evaluation. We study research publications and other secondary materials for this study. Further, online literatures and our experience and observation with BOU have been strong input for this study. The key findings of this study suggest developing vision for BOU, utilizing the media center, and development of WebCT for an integrated software based web ODL system. This study can help the policy makers and other stake holders in greater comportment.

Key Words: Web-based Course Tools (WebCT), Virtual Class Room, SMART, RIGHT, REEIS, BME, NAS.

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