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Sunday A. Reju

Soft-boundary or re-crystallised learning objects: A new model for knowledge society development

Sunday A. Reju
Regional Training and Research Institute for Open and Distance Learning (RETRIDAL), National Open University of Nigeria

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     Last modified: October 29, 2006
     Presentation date: 11/02/2006 11:45 AM in ST Windsor B
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Currently, known learning objects are digital with the basic features of being reusable; self-contained; can be grouped into larger collections of content, and can also be meta-tagged for easy search. This paper attempts to extend the methodology behind the design of learning objects to a new class of learning contents termed “Soft-Boundary Learning Objects” (SBLOs) or Re-Crystallised Learning Objects” (RCLOs). These are learning materials evolved from the “soft areas” of some core knowledge areas designed to educate people in various aspects of common knowledge or vocational skills acquisition. From an epistemological angle, SBLOs are to serve as materials extending the users’ knowledge beyond specialised expertise and having the merits of being re-packaged into effective tools for many purposes.

The term “re-crystallised” is borrowed from re-crystallisation process within the “boundary” region of the “hard” lithospheric and “soft” asthenospheric regions of the earth’s geophysical mass. This region is called the “Moho Discontinuity” and thus the concept of SBLOs as an optimisation strategy, is to minimise “Learning Discontinuities” existing between specialist areas and basic knowledge. The paper presents an algorithm for the design of SBLOs and cites exemplars of RCLOs with recommendation for further studies on this class of learning objects towards development of unified standards for their designs.

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