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David Walker

Addressing Health MDGs with ODL

David Walker
Commonwealth of Learning

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     Last modified: September 18, 2006
     Presentation date: 11/02/2006 2:30 PM in NT Portland B
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The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) underpin COLís past three year plan (2003-2006) and current (2006-2009) with three of the Goals focused on health (reduction of infant mortality, improvement of maternal health, and combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases). COLís partnership with the World Health Organization has identified key players, mainly in-country non-governmental organisations who are addressing the health concerns of disadvantaged groups. COLís has worked with these organizations by providing audio and video production digital technology and accompanying training, towards creating content to reach greater numbers of people with appropriate health information in the linguistic and cultural context of the targeted group(s). Delivery of training has been in the form of radio, television and village cinema events (projector, screen, generator and DVDs that the NGO has created in the form of skits).

COLís health activities have been implemented in Sri Lanka, South Africa, Swaziland, The Gambia, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands Guyana and Barbados.

This is one effort of many that are taking place in different countries that have been severely affected by HIV/AIDS across all sectors of society. The session will discuss examples of how health training has addressed the MDGs.

Panel members:

David Walker
Shokajle Dlamini
Nokuthula Vilakati
Annemarie Kormawa
Judi Walker
Ruban Agor

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