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Andrew Robertson

Overcoming the geographic divide through distance learning methodologies: Youth development training by CYP

Andrew Robertson
Commonwealth Youth Programme

Henry Charles
Commonwealth Youth Programme

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     Last modified: October 17, 2006
     Presentation date: 11/02/2006 4:15 PM in NT Trelawny
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The development of leadership skills and competencies among youth leaders and professionals involved in youth development work is a critical component of a sustainable youth development strategy.

CYP recognizes that the provision of adequate opportunities for youth and community leaders to acquire these skills and knowledge has a profound impact on human resource capital of any society and consequentially must add value to the development process.

This paper will therefore briefly explore the historical context of CYP youth development training programmes. It will examine rationale and issues related to the transition from resident based to distance learning.

It will of necessity -

identify the challenges, achievements and lessons learnt

analyze and examine the current challenges and strategies being employed and considered to enhance relevance and upgrade integrity of CYP Training Programmes and

provide an insight on possible strategies for the way forward, including global collaboration with institutions within and without the Commonwealth, facilitating greater access to training material, the transition to VLE based training and the incorporation of a research based component.

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