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Tony Dodds

Open Learning and Human Development: the IEC story: mission accomplished...or is it?

Tony Dodds
retired, formerly Univ of Namibia and IEC

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     Last modified: October 11, 2006
     Presentation date: 10/31/2006 5:15 PM in NT Portland B
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The proposed workshop will start with a presentation by me of an outline document about IEC's history, achievements and experience, very much in line with the PCF's theme, and in advance I will invite IEC associates from various countries and regions to make short presentations/critiques about their experience of working with IEC. The themes for the analysis of IEC's achievements will be: reaching out to the educationally deprived; sharing experience and resources; professional development; and what have we learned? An important sub-theme would be 'unfinished business' and how such business as IEC concerned itself with can be carried forward in the future. I hope there would be a possibility to draw some significant conclusions about the development of ODL from this review of IEC's experience.

NB This will be a special event outside the main Forum programme

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