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Joris Komen

Workshop on SchoolNets

Joris Komen
SchoolNet Namibia

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     Last modified: September 9, 2006
     Presentation date: 11/02/2006 4:15 PM in NT Portland B
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Based on considerable interest from small commonwealth country
participants at the recent COL meeting in Singapore, SchoolNet Namibia
(and friends) are pleased to provide a hands-on workshop participatory
experience of the (COL published) African SchoolNet Toolkit and working
examples from well-established African SchoolNets to create a SchoolNet
or similar vehicle to help small commonwealth countries focus their
current initiatives and plans in relation to integrating Information
and Communications Technologies into their education system. In so
doing, each country will be able to pin down its current progress with
ICT integration in education, and practically plan and cost its next
steps. The workshop is expected to provide valuable management tools
that will help participating countries to determine future strategies
in terms of ICT integration, how they will get there, and the critical
decisions that will determine what ICT integration will involve in the
education system of each country. The workshop also expects to create a
COL working group which will identify liaison persons and local
expertise from each country and provide opportunity for face to face
interaction, feedback and discussion.

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