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Carmeta Tate-Blake

The Power of Microsoft Office Tools in the ODL Environment

Carmeta Tate-Blake
Barry University

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     Last modified: August 20, 2006
     Presentation date: 11/01/2006 11:45 AM in ST Middlesex
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The online distance learning environment is often criticized for the lack of personalization, and that matters such as the receipt of course material and grading, are still being done in the old-fashioned drop off by the student, delivered via large email attachments, or by “snail” mail through the post office. Improved technology can change all that! Microsoft Office Tools come with a great deal of flexible components which allow today’s online instructor to add some personalization to content as well as powerful tools to make course work, feedback, and grading “virtual” in every sense of the word.

The purpose of this workshop is to focus on the use of Microsoft Office tools which can be utilized as an interactive, reciprocal interface in the communication and feedback process in the distance learning transaction between instructors and students, in an environment where “distance” is not a factor. In other words the workshop will demonstrate how instructors can receive their students work and return them complete with grades, comments, and detailed feedback in a paperless environment.

This workshop is intended for anyone who is actively engaged in teaching or plans to teach online. Participants are urged to bring electronic files, especially "Word" or "PowerPoint" files to be used in the hands-on session of the workshop.

The objective of this workshop is to highlight:
(a) Benefits of Electronic grading and retrieval using Microsoft Office software
(b) Benefits of Personalizing feedback electronically
(c) the steps in the actual production of electronic feedback in a practice session by workshop participants
(d) the ease and use of electronic feedback within the interface of a course management system

The workshop will be organized as follows:
Section A - Workshop Presenter
(a) Brief overview of the "virtual" opportunities available to personalize online distance learning materials and electronic grading
(b) Demonstration via examples, explanations and brief development of pieces of materials. (30 minutes maximum)
Section B - Hands-on by Participants & Workshop Presenter
(a) Participants will be asked to engage in practice session
(b) Workshop Participants and Workshop presenter will evaluate and discuss finished products (35 minutes maximum)
(c) Question and Answer Session (10 minutes)

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