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Hennie Beukes

Written assignment feedback as an essential part of students' studies in ODL

Hennie Beukes
Centre for External Studies, University of Namibia

Florida Beukes
Centre for External Studies, University of Namibia

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     Last modified: October 13, 2006
     Presentation date: 10/31/2006 2:15 PM in NT Hanover
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The writing of assignments is seldom explicitly taught in tertiary study programmes/courses running by means of the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode. Therefore, written feedback on marked assignments is a vital aspect of tutoring in ODL. Limited contact opportunities with tutors necessitate constructive feedback on students’ assignments. Feedback needs to be precise if tutors are to help their distance education students.

Since assignment marks (as part of continuous assessment) are part of the final examination mark, it is imperative that feedback on assignments be positive and motivating to encourage students. Feedback should influence the quality of students’ learning in such a way that they learn optimally, as well as prepared for examinations. Interaction by means of written feedback on assignments is an essential element of ODL regarding students’ academic performances. It plays a crucial role in opening and maintaining dialogue between students and tutors.

Written feedback on students’ marked assignments has always been a matter of concern for the Centre for External Studies. A recent study indicated that tutors are well aware of what is important and what not, yet they are reluctant to write constructive feedback on assignments. The aim of this workshop on quality written feedback is to gather views from other distance education practitioners on how they deal with the issue of feedback. The idea is to compile an informative document for both tutors and students. For tutors a guide to help them in writing constructive feedback and for students a guide as to what to do with the feedback from tutors.

Outline of workshop:
1. Introduction
2. Results of a Namibian study on feedback
3. Workshop activities with the aim to compile an outline for a document on quality feedback
4. Conclusion

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