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Bijay Nanda

Connecting Community with Knowledge: An ICT mission

Bijay Nanda

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     Last modified: September 19, 2006
     Presentation date: 11/02/2006 4:15 PM in ST Windsor B
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After the 'Super-Cyclone-1999' the coastal fabric of Orissa has got devastated and thus seen extreme poverty. Extreme poverty exists when people are denied the opportunity to lead a long, healthy and productive life. Extreme poverty persists due to lack of mission-zeal & appropriate opportunities. An innovative attempt is here with demonstrated to address the rigid problems with solutions.

The actions include:

1. Expanding access to knowledge using ICT/ ODL on health education and care.
2. Making education and adequate nutrition a priority so that children can grow up to lead healthy and productive lives.
3. Providing skills training and support for small entrepreneurs to increase opportunities for employment and income generation.
4. Protecting the environment, to ensure that natural resources are conserved and renewed for future generations.
5. Addressing gender inequality, to increase opportunities for women and to ensure that they have a say in decisions that affect the lives of themselves and their children.
6. Strengthening the role and capacity of local organizations, to make communities more self-sufficient.
7. The practiced strategies are to educate the coastal-poor on the wise-use of natural coastal wetland –marine resources.
8. The CCRC translates the missions with a slogan “connecting community with knowledge.

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