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Gangappa Kuruba

On the job Training and promotion of skills through Open and Distance Learning- A strategy

Gangappa Kuruba
University of Botswana

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     Last modified: August 20, 2006
     Presentation date: 11/02/2006 4:15 PM in NT Trelawny
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Among different modes of imparting education, Open and Distance Learning (ODL) has become the best option in the development of higher education. Most countries are witnessing new problems and multidimensional challenges such as changes in career paths and work situations, work force unwilling to disrupt their normal work to return to school etc. Although open and distance learning has proved efficient, provision of professional skills through open and distance learning methods in the form of short courses is proved essential to use ODL technologies and assist large number of people.

In Botswana, there is growing demand for short courses to upgrade/refresh the skills of work force. The paper analyses the significance of ODL for promotion of professional skills through short courses, review of ongoing professional development programmes and the need for a suitable strategy. The strategy will provide training avenues and thereby increasing base level skills of work force. This would in turn, lead to professional development of individuals and economic development of the country.

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