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Dileep Kumar Guntuku, ICRISAT, India
Balaji Venkataraman, ICRISAT, India
Rapid Customization of Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs): A new paradigm for Content Generation and Localization for Open Distance Agricultural Education and Extension

Annmarie Kormawa, Africa Rice Center (WARDA)
Kanayo Nwanze, Africa Rice Center (WARDA)
Reaping the power of partnerships for mainstreaming HIV/AIDS issues in Sub-Saharan Africa Agriculture and Rural Development

Hisham Dzakiria, Deputy Dean (Research and Graduate Studies), Faculty of Communication and Modern Languages, Universiti Utara Malaysia
Researching Distance Learning Using a Qualitative Case Study Approach: Tackling the issue of generalisation - to generalise or not to generalise ...

Cherryl Stephens, Syllabus Unit, Caribbean Examinations Council
Lennox McLeod, Syllabus Unit, Caribbean Examinations Council
Responding To The Need for Resource Materials Through Distance Education: In Pursuit of a Collaborative Model

Abdul Mannan, University of Papua New Guinea
Role of open and distance learning in accelerating outcomes of the millennium development goals

Sreenath Dixit, Division of Resource Management
Dileep Kumar Guntuku, Department of ICT For Agriculture
Balaji Venkataraman, Knowledge Management and Sharing
Sanjay Borkar
Ram Takwale
Rural Knowledge Centers: Partners in Promoting a New ODL Paradigm

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