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Ashok Gaba, Staff Training and Research Institute of Distance Education, IGNOU, INDIA
Santosh Panda, STRIDE, IGNOU
Ashok Sadhwani, Distance Education Council, IGNOU
Distance Education and Human Resource Development:Undergraduate Learners’ Perception towards Employability

Suresh Garg, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
Kapil Kumar, IGNOU
Uma Kanjilal, IGNOU
Pankaj Khare, IGNOU
Use of ICTs for Capacity Building in the ODL System

Jim Gaskell, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia
Jeff Miller, Office of Learning Technologies, University of British Columbia
Constructivist Approaches to Developing Diverse Communities of Learners Online: Examples from the MET program

Nancy George, Office of Curriculum Development & Evaluation, The University of Technology, Jamaica
Translating quality systems from face-to-face to blended modalities in a tertiary institution in a small island state

Hazelann Gibbs Depeza, The Centre for Creative and Festival Arts, The UWI, St. Augustine, Trinidad.
Empowering Male Prisoners for Meaningful Living

Jon Gregson, Imperial College London Distance Learning Programme
Promoting access to post graduate distance education and development impact through collaboration, scholarships and appropriate use of technology in Africa

Chandra Gunawardena, Open University of Sri Lanka
Partnership and Collaboration in Research: Towards Achieving Gender Equity in Higher Education

Godallage Gunawardena, National Consultant, Commonwealth Education Fund, Sri Lanka
Achieving Millennium Goal 2: The Challenge of Reaching the Disadvantaged in Sri Lanka

Chandra Gunawardena, Open University of Sri Lankaa
Swarna Jayaweera, Centre for Women's Research
Ensuring Education for All: Non-schooling, early drop out and high absenteeism in Sri Lanka

Samson Gunga, Educational Foundations, University of Nairobi
Towards Formulating Principles for Online Education: The implications of access to the World Wide Web

Dileep Kumar Guntuku, ICRISAT, India
Balaji Venkataraman, ICRISAT, India
Rapid Customization of Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs): A new paradigm for Content Generation and Localization for Open Distance Agricultural Education and Extension

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