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Ioana Chan Mow, Dean Faculty of Science, National University of Samoa
Wing Au, School of Education, University of Sotuh Australia
Gregory Yates, School of Education University of South Australia
The CABLE Approach for Teaching Computer Programming. How effective is it?

Mungule Chikoye
Edward Chisala
Distance Learning Programme in Grain Management for the Southern African Development Community

Ramasamy Chinnachamy
Durai Rajangam Durai, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
Open and Distance Learning Programme of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University: An Innovative Approach in Technology Transfer

Uma Coomaraswamy, The Open University of Sri Lanka
Developing Competencies in Good Governance and Local Leadership in Sri Lanka: ODL as a viable option to reach the periphery

Uma Coomaraswamy
Life Long Learning for Agricultural Entrepreneurship and Rural Prosperity : Sri Lankan Initiatives on Empowerment of Rural Women through Technology Mediated Open and Distance Learning

Wendel S. Cozier, Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic
Anthony Headley, Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic
St. Clair O'Brian Pinder, Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic
Bridging the Digital Divide: An Institutionís Effort at the Implementation of Online Learning

Avrill Crawford
The e-Learning Jamaica Project

Susan Crichton, Faculty of Education; University of Calgary
Gail Shervey, counsultant
Elizabeth Childs
Preparing Teachers to Facilitated Blended Learning

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