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Richard Kajumbula, Makerere University
The effectiveness of mobile short messaging service (SMS) technologies in the support of selected distance education students of Makerere University, Uganda

Judith W Kamau, Distance Education Unit, University of Botswana
Factors Affecting Students Completion from the In-service Diploma in Primary Education (DPE) by distance mode at the University of Botswana

Judith W Kamau, Distance Education Unit, University of Botswana
Increasing access to university education through the distance education mainstreaming policy: The case of the University of Botswana

Jane Kanas, Distance and Flexible Learning Support Centre, The University of the South Pacific
Perfecting 1 amongst 109: English in multilingual Vanuatu

Shironica Karunanayaka, The Open University of Sri Lanka.
First Experiences in Collaborative Online Learning: A Case Study

Abtar Kaur, Open and Distance Learning Pedagogy Centre, Open University Malaysia
Kenneth Ho, Open and Distance Learning Pedagogy Centre, Open University Malaysia
Design and Development of Learning Objects for E-Learning

Dick Kawooya, Sch of Information Sciences, University of Tennessee
Theorizing and Practicing Fair Use: Copyright Challenges for Africa’s Higher Education

Jennipher Kere, None
A livelihood enhancement community based distance learning programme

Nowshad Khan, Department of Agricultural Sciences, AIOU
Rabia Gul, Department of Agricultural Sciences Allama Iqbal open University
Potentials of distance learning in achieving development goal: Eradicating Poverty

Pankaj Khare, International Division, IGNOU
Distance Education Institutional Collaborative Models and Lessons Learnt

Wanjira Kinuthia, Middle/Secondary and Instructional Technology Department, Georgia State University
Rabelani Dagada, Institute for Curriculum and Learning Development, University of South Africa
Elearning Delivery: Exploratory Study of ICT in Higher Education in South Africa

Wendy Kitson-Piggott, The Caribbean Epidemiology Centre
Joan Laurie, The Michener Institute
Learning to Learn

Wendy Kitson-Piggott, The Caribbean Epidemiology Centre
Wilson Valerie, The Caribbean Epidemiology Centre
Facilitating Learning through Collaboration in a World without Frontiers

Wendy Kitson-Piggott, CAREC
Lya Visser, Learing Development Centre
Wayne Labastide, CAREC
Professional development in the health sector: How to know what is available and what is required to offer quality training using distance education

Joris Komen, SchoolNet Namibia
Workshop on SchoolNets

Rama Kondapalli, National Assessment and Accreditation Council
Quality school education – how to make it a reality

Annmarie Kormawa, Africa Rice Center (WARDA)
Kanayo Nwanze, Africa Rice Center (WARDA)
Reaping the power of partnerships for mainstreaming HIV/AIDS issues in Sub-Saharan Africa Agriculture and Rural Development

Olabisi Kuboni, The University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago
Preparing the public sector professional for the age of e-governance: issues of course design and delivery and andragogy

Olabisi Kuboni, University of the West Indies Distance Education Centre (UWIDEC)
Communicating for the purpose of learning in the online environment: an analysis of student-initiated communicative acts in UWIDEC's blended learning pilot project

Gamini Kulatunga, Agricultural Engineering OUSL
Agriculture for Sustainable Livelihood through DE

Kapil Kumar, IGNOU, India
Collaborative Models in Course Design and Delivery: The IGNOU Experience

Gangappa Kuruba, University of Botswana
On the job Training and promotion of skills through Open and Distance Learning- A strategy

Angela Kwan, Development Manager, Commonwealth of Learning
Bob Butcher, Deputy Director, LiPACE, Open University of Hong Kong
Mary Wilson
Andrea Hope, Associate Academic Vice-President, Hong Kong Shue Yan College
Dave Smulders, Instructional Development Consultant, British Columia Institute of Technology
Think Globally, Learn Locally: Democratising Learning for Multilateral Organisations

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